Have an 05 ninja 250 with no compression in left cylinder All plastics are...

Have an 05 ninja 250 with no compression in left cylinder. All plastics are there with bunch of extra parts. Parting out. Can get a brand new from factory tank with it as well if you want.

  • This is the one with the Vacuum issue? Have you had a look under the valve cover? My wife's 09 had pretty tight valves by the time it was due for it's first check. You could have an exhaust valve held open.

  • Rerouted the vacuum line that pulls to the right cylinder. Started fine on one. When runs it's on one. Can feel compression from right but not left

  • Yep. Exhaust valve held open can cause that.

  • Need to still pull engine to check that, right?

  • Nope. Pull the valve cover off and check the valve clearances. Was the bike burning oil before this?

  • no clue, this one was bought super cheap non running.

  • Charles Jose Labamba Jr.

  • Nice! (Not that it's broken, but you know lol)

    Guessing the intake valves were not opening at all then?

  • nope, managed to get it open and saw metal that didnt look right. both exhaust on left cylinder were sheared

  • looks like all will need clearance redone. Doubt anything below got hurt due to this being the weak point.