Have 33t front Pulley s made by Marvin by the patent holder made of 4000 series...


Have 33t front Pulley's made by Marvin by the patent holder made of 4000 series steel at 40-45 RC Hardness & not the 4130 RC 20-24made by Myron in ND , Myron permit has been pulled he is unable to make any more as it will cost him 250.00 free shipping from 4x4 any questions ask I will not offer the 66's in this forum ,thanks for reading

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  • Marv just called me and was hoping to get mine out tomorrow. Not waiting on him, he is waiting for my moola to arive. I tell you what though, I chatted with him for about 20 minutes and this guy knows his chit. I am glad to know these people out on the internet exist that are willing to help as we need it. Learned a few tricks and tips just on this F/B group alone.

  • Yep Marv is a kewl man , I've been dealing with him since 1973 , I have a ton of patents along with him lol everybody thought he was getting pulleys from Myron , but he wasn't Myron was getting from him , Myron wanted him to make cheaper with inferior metal and Marvin wouldn;d , Myron wanted them cheap so he could sell high , if You get the ones from Myron they are soft & will not last very long , He has a ton of knowledge & its fun esp since we are a closed shop for the factory units warranty engine & electronics , If You need anything hollar , I'll do what I can & You have been put on the 66 t list , but personally I don't think your going to need it as my 66 is over kill & does not work well with the Eoro's & 33T

  • Yeah I told Marv I was not going to go the 66 route. (no pun intended ) ;-) Cant wait to get those stinkin rpm's down!

  • that 33 with Euro's will drop-em and fifth becomes obsolete till up around 75 , which is nice and right now I'm getting 56mpg hope You get the same will send you a photo of the V2K limo when through