Has Anyone Used The Green Slime Tire Sealant To Seal Repair Flat Tubeless...

Has Anyone Used The Green Slime Tire Sealant To Seal/Repair Flat Tubeless Punctures In Their Tires? Does it work? Any pointers for good coverage inside the tire?

  • Tried on my t4 with outlaw 2... I say the bikes to heavy, but hole might have been a little to big. Who knows. Helps seal bead well if your not using beadlocks

  • Worked great every time I've used it

  • If a plug won't fix the hole that green stuff wont, I put an entire bottle in 1 tire ...didn't work

  • It obviously won't fill a hole large enough to require a plug but, it will stop small leaked and also helps leaky plugs.

  • Buddy had a cracked rim and this sealed it. Been working for about 2 months

  • Ran it in my first set of tires and it was great to seal up holes. Have 1500 miles and never had a flat.

  • Stuff has its limitations but works great. Tire mechanics hate it though haha!