• Has anyone put the gates belt in their t4 Getting ready to put one in just...

    Has anyone put the gates belt in their t4 Getting ready to put one in just asking for feed back

    • Everyone says that OEM is the best way to go I've seen a few gates that don't last very long

    • U will regret it. OEM only

    • I asked a 4 wheeler shop to order me a belt and they gave me a Moose. Had it on for less than 10 miles and it broke. Asked this group for info and everyone said OEM. That's what I got and still going.

    • At O'Reillys I sell alot of Gates belts to local cycle shops. Mostly for Rzr's but they have had really good luck with them. There are 2 quality levels of them though and they buy the better ones

    • I have put three OEM in it primary is new so is the secondary is too

    • Well I guess I do ride a little rough thanks for the feed back

    • I've used EPI severe duty, and some off brand when I was in a tight squeeze at mud nats. First EPI lasted about 2 rides, and the off brand, well it got me thru mud nats. The 2nd EPI lasted a little longer than the first one. After that I went back to OEM. It seems IMO to stand up better to my riding style, which is pretty close to extreme mudding. I'm on belt 5 with only 600 miles on my buggy.

      Check out this link below, these are supposed to be some great clutch kits.


    • My bike as over 3000 miles on it. it's a 2012

    • WOW! Mines a 2013. The way I work I don't get to ride as much as I would like.

    • OEM only