Has anyone put bar risers on a gen 2 versys Apparently I have T rex arms and...

Has anyone put bar risers on a gen 2 versys? Apparently I have T-rex arms and am getting should pain/fatigue on long rides. The cables all look pretty taught as I've already rotated bars back toward me a bit. So I'm looking for possible options without major wiring project. Leaving from Washington DC to ride to Austin TX 4 weeks from today. Grumpy shoulders are not ideal.

  • I went with the one from Twistedthrottle.com.Helped a little.

  • Using rox 2" anti vibration bar riser on my 2013 versys. It can fitting with all original length cable

  • I don't know specific to the Versys but often you can follow lines back and snip cable ties to bring slack forward. Just replace the ties when you finish. Beware they aren't too tight when at the stops.

  • Neoh Shun Cheng Thanks for the link

  • My pleasure :-), our V size is 7/8

  • Good call! I would have figured it out, but I appreciate you lookin out for me. I don't have time to do this twice! hahaha No issues with clearance for that bolt underneath on the dampening version?

  • No issue, exactly just plug and play and u will need to is adjust anti vibration bolt

  • If you want something that looks good and does the job try motowerk.com

  • Ooooo- fancy fancy. Will try them when I have more time

  • 1 inch I think. stock cables ok.

  • I also have the Moto Werk, yeah they make nice stuff man.

  • I had the anti vibe risers on my last versys and the regular ones on this. I would t waste my money on the anti vibe. The 2" are perfect. Best money I ever spent. That and my seat concepts seat.

  • I put versys 1000 bars on mine 15mm higher 20mm wider fit no problem made a world of different no problem with cables etc

  • I got the anti -vibe ones from motowerks. Helped a little with the height. I am 6'2

  • Thanks all for weighing in. I went with Rox with dampening suggested by Neoh Shun Cheng. So far so good. I haven't done any long rides with them yet so can't report. But short rides, so far, much more comfy.

  • Remember to adjust the anti-vibration nut to get the best result. Have to test in varie speed

  • Thx u for the trust on me too. Cheers