• Has anyone noticed any links between KD and a weakened immune system If there...

    Has anyone noticed any links between KD and a weakened immune system? If there's a bug going round or a cold I ALWAYS seem to catch it, I'm ill at least once a month and it's starting to get annoying :(

    • Yup my KD son catches everything and we are 15 months post KD

    • If you look up KD on the internet some medical advisory sites still list it as an auto-immune disease. I believe is classification has changed in more recent years.

    • Hope this helps because my grandson who had KD twice is doing ok with probiotics, he was always sick prior to us giving him probiotics, it strengthened his tummy a lot and by the way our immunity is directly related to our tummies- janet

    • Children can't take probiotics supplements though can they? I know there's food with probiotics

    • Kids can, they even have drops for babies, check online on probiotics and there's a lot of info about the right kind of probiotics that you can take, it would also surprise you about how it is the only thing that might help people affected by candida w/c even Dr. Jane Burns is actually checking on specially since they are suspecting that there are people or kids predisposed to candida that might trigger KD!

    • I don't know how common it is for KD kids, but my daughter who had KD at age 3 was sick all the time. At age 9 (after years of chronic infections & surgeries for multiple ear tubes, tonsils & adenoids removed, and sinus surgery) she was diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency (her dx is CVID). Her body doesn't produce functional antibodies so she requires frequent low dose IVIG treatments to help give her immune system what it's missing. A referral to a clinical immunologist made a world of difference in her quality of life.

      The signs of primary immunodeficiencies are frequent infections especially in sinuses and lungs, persistent infections (harder to clear up), unusual infections, and family history of PIDs. Just mentioning in case that could be the case for any of you.

    • Thanks everyone for you responses, I've found them really helpful! I'm 21 years post KD and still seem to catch everything -_- definitely going to try probiotics! x

    • Same with my son, ever since we got home from the hospital January 9th he has been taking a probiotic.

      Previously, he was literally sick every month and constantly complained of a belly aches because he has acid reflux.

      He hasn't been sick yet or had any stomach complaints.

    • Just to add to this: Post KD with my daughter I have become practically militant about sleep. Kids should get 10-12 or more depending on their age and adults a solid 8. I know it seems obvious, but it really seems to work for the whole family. Avoided all bugs last year!

    • Wish this worked for us, my 2 daughter's have always slept 12 hours a night. Although my daughter's school is so bad, they let children back right after being sick, no way to avoid it

    • My son is now 2 and has had 5 fever seizures since April and is sick allllll the time. I stay at home there is no way he could be in daycare.

    • We ended up under an immune system specialist, Grandson was sick every week for about the first year. We are now 4 yrs post KD and his ability to fight infection seems to be back to full strength and now he only gets the usuall amount of colds and sickness. It does get better only very slowly xx

    • Hi my son is waiting to find out if he has autoinflammatory disease is this related

    • Primary immune deficiency is when part or parts of the immune system are missing and/or don't function properly. Autoimmune is when immune system messes up and attacks parts in the body instead of bacteria/viruses. Autoimmune illnesses often affect those with PID (it's been mentioned as a possible future complication for my daughter), but they are different & I think managed by different types of specialists (immunologist v. Rheumatologist...I think). That's my understanding & best attempt at explaining anyway.

    • All the time. My baby girl is always sick it kills me. She catches everything and I home school. We went to the dr for my son we were there maybe 45 min. An hour after we got home she started getting sick.

    • She will have a weak immune system just now with the KD, but maybe picking up illness worse because she is home schooled, I know when kids put dually start nursery and school and mixing with different children they pick up more bugs until body build up immunity to new ones around. So just going to o doctors or shopping or playpark for your daughter will all have new bugs and her defenses are down just now so catches it easy. X

    • We have just recently started homeschooling. My daughter is 3yrs post KD. It's not because she is homeschooled that it's worse. That's just how it's been since she was diagnosed with KD.

    • My son is the complete opposite. He was sick all the time before KD. He had 2 rounds of IVIG. He's 3 years post and rarely gets anything. We've had strep and stomach bugs run through our house and hit everyone but him. It's odd.

    • Thought my daughter was the only one, coz I've seen so many say they now get every virus going. My daughter's only almost 6 months post though.

      My other daughter who doesn't have KD gets everything instead.

    • Have you had her immune system tested to see what it's at. She's maybe needing some help to build it up.

    • No I haven't. Her dr's don't think it's necessary. I don't even know who or where to get her tested at.

    • We kept a diary of every time my Grandson was ill , once we proved to the doctor that it was more than normally expected and how much school he was missing due to it he agreed and referred us to the specialist at the hospital . They then took blood and also did test for celiac disease as a lot of his illness could have been that but it was ruled out. His immune system tests came low.

    • I'll do that. Thank you

    • You're welcome , good luck xx

    • Gemma Fowler, autoimmune and autoinflammatory are very different. My daughter has a Systematic Autoinflammatory Disorder. Here is a great link that explains: http://saidsupport.org/autoinf lammatory-vs-autoimmune-what-i s-the-difference/