Has anyone mounted a GoPro to their bike. I m not sure where to put one

Has anyone mounted a GoPro to their bike? I'm not sure where to put one (I don't want to stick it to the front of the screen (mines a 2014)). Thanks

  • I use a suction cup on the fairings ( flat bit under the grips) seems to work really well, also have a chest rig

  • Thanks Rob

  • Saw one mounted on the front right hand indicator at the TT

  • I saw that too.

  • This is my solution!

  • I have one mounted to the right side of my helmet, one mounted onto the right mirror stalk, and one mounted rearwards on the left pannier

  • Small world ..

  • I did try the mirror stalk but because of the shape it didn't work very well. I'll have another go! Cheers

  • David Hexter there is a mount I use, goes really well, especially if you put a little rubber ring round it too to minimise vibration. If I find the one I use on Amazon I'll link it here for you

  • Fits round the lower part of the mirror stalk quite tightly, doesnt shift around during the ride. Put a bit of rubber around the hole just to remove a little vibration, and it should do well. I have used it on many long range rides, and it holds up perfectly well when things get a little "spirited"

  • Paul Fellows thanks Paul, much appreciated

  • Mine is fixed through the yolk , Ram mounts