Has anyone heard of a fix for the speedo. I am about 8 MPH off 80


Has anyone heard of a fix for the speedo? I am about 8 MPH off @ 80.

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  • i did...Kuryakyn one..70 bucks looks nice

  • clamped to the left side of the bars

  • Thanks Robert... I will look in to this one, and the cig lighter. GPS will help on long trips when I actually have a destination :)

  • The error is intentional, however mileage is spot on. If you do

    Something to fix the speedo your mileage will be off. If you pick speed over mileage a speedo healer unit will help.

  • The speedometer on my bike is a funny piece of work. With my GPS going, at 70 mph, the speedometer is at 79. When I speed up to 75 mph GPS, the speedometer shows 82. When I get up to 80 mph, the speedometer shows 85. Anything under 70 mph GPS, the speedometer is 10% faster. So, what I do is just put my speedometer at 75 all the time. Nice little cushion there...

  • Mariano, I have found that the mileage greatly depends on the size of the tire on the rear. I have a much shorter tire than normal and I notice that when my wife and I go for a ride, I usually have a few more miles that she does. But, the speedometer doesn't change in the way it works. Crazy, huh?? ;)

  • Dave if you use anything else than the factory tire size mileage will change as you are messing with the speedo calibration, this is the same for cars, bicycles or anything that does not use GPS to measure distance/speed. In the V2K the speedo sensor is in the transmission, other motorcycles have them in the front wheel. Different tire sizes will mess up all the speedo operation.

  • The same speed sensor is used on all cruisers except Goldwing and Hardlys ....read about 10% high.

  • I just cruse at 10mph.less...it says 70 I know I'm running around 60..

    Don't even think about it anymore