Has anyone got experience of premium maxim silencers from fecked com in...


Has anyone got experience of premium maxim silencers from fecked.com in England - they look good and sensible money. I need a good sound but I don't fancy drilling the baffles out of the originals. Any ideas - cheers

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  • Do you have a link?

  • www.feked.com

  • I know feked ;) I meant a link to the specific silencers you are asking about.

  • If you go to the site and put in premium maxim silencers you'll see them

  • You will have to saw the OEM silencers off the exhaust as it is in one piece (as it says in the description). So your OEM silencers will be useless after that, and your "premium maxim" will make a similar sound to debaffled OEM. Kinda defeats the purpose. I would suggest you either buy a whole new system (such as the Silverstone Street from www.w650shop.de ) or you just drill the baffles and leave the OEM exhaust on for an improved soundtrack. But cutting off the silencers because you don't feel like removing the baffles makes no sense.

  • Thanks - I take your point. Chrome on my originals is not great either so I may need to deal with that as well

  • Classic Bike Shop have a great selection of silencers that would fit the W650, fantastic quality and the owner is really helpful. http://www.classicbikeshop.co.uk/silencers/univers al-custom.html

  • It won't run as well as it did with the stock exhaust.

  • I got those on mine.

  • I disagree. When I changed the exhaust on mine (for a racing one), I didn't even bother rejetting, and I could tell immediately the engine breathed better.

  • Careful though, those have no baffle. It's gonna be loud !! If you just want a different sound, I would strongly suggest you pick a model with removeable baffle, which will allow you to properly dose the packing until you are satisfied with the Db level. Such as those : http://www.feked.com/universal-dunstall-replica-mo torcycle-silencer-25-id-35-38mm.html

  • I'm with Jack. Stock exhausts strangle the bike.