Has anyone got any 87 parts plz


Has anyone got any 87 parts plz.

I'm after the following.

An exhaust


Front chain cover

I'm in the UK but can cover postage

Thanks in advance

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  • It might be better to list the parts you actually need as well as where you live. It could help to speed up the process :-)

  • Thanks Mike will do.

  • I have 87 motor parts

  • Hi Sean, what have you got and what sort of money

  • Here's my eBay. Not sure what's left. The prices are inflated in my eBay, on here I sell cheaper. I just picked up a complete engine with carb, I think I'm parting it.

  • I might need a clutch cover Sean

  • I might have a few coming in this week.

  • Thanks Sean, let me know what you manage to get your hands on

  • I'll get a shipping quote to UK for the cover. Probably $35 to shop there, they're light.

  • Thanks Sean

  • No problem.