has anyone got a photo of how my C s suspension reservoir should be mounted

has anyone got a photo of how my C's suspension reservoir should be mounted? knackered one does not have one

  • It should mount under the left hand rear cowling in like a 'C' shaped bracket. Ive got ohlins on mine and mounted it upside down,to allow me to access the compression adjuster.

  • That's what I've pulled out. almost fitted a shock al gave me but can't get the top bolt through. will leave it till the morning. then repair the plastics I tore off lol

  • That looks like a very unloved hagon shock ! :O

  • looks better in the photo I assure you

  • I took mine to Hagon .. It looked like yours .. I got this back for £130

  • That's what I'm gonna look at doing. cheaper than the hyperpro set up I want

  • Al Randall, that is loverly :) may have to send mine in to them...

  • Got the shock on just cant get the undertray to bolt back on

  • It is a pita when ya got normal size hands