Has anyone found a way to quiet down the noise the teryx makes Insulating the...

Has anyone found a way to quiet down the noise the teryx makes? Insulating the plastics around the motor anything?

  • I have a 2015 t4 and the rear end makes a lot of noise. Mine has 25 hours on it. I thought the heat shields were rattling. They weren't. It's the sound of the drive shaft etc when it has a load put on it. Mine isn't nearly as loud driving on flat as it is when it's going up hills. I've seen on teryx forum that people have put more thicker insulation and have had good results but it doesn't fix the loud rattle I have when going uphill.

  • I don't have any rattling noise but I feel like it's a loud roaring sound


  • Bigger speakers

  • I just mash the gas n go dont hear any noises

  • Amen to the drive train noise. My '15 t4 is so noisy going uphill that after the first ride I checked the fluid level in the rear diff because I thought they might have forgotten to fill it!

  • My 15 t4 has a lot of noise but I noticed when in 4x4 it seems it has a lot of vibration from the front

  • Wrap it in tampons.

  • Hey Bob. I drove a couple of other brand new 15 T4's and they (all 3) sounded exactly the same. I drove a 15 T2 and the rear end rattle wasn't quite as bad but it has the storage and bed kind of insulating the sound. It seems it's just the sound that this thing makes. I took off the heat shields and other stuff I thought was making the noise but am convinced it's the rear diff. I think it's just the way it sounds with a load on it going up a hill. Mine doesn't have the same sound at all on flat ground. I love the climbing power and torque of the T4. I've read where people have added sound insulation under the front and rear consoles and they say that helps. All in all if I get he great reliability out of this machine that everyone says it has i will be happy with it.

  • Yeah Mark I think it's just the nature of the beast . We love it otherwise so if it holds up well I can live with the noise.