Has anyone found a synthetic plow winch rope that last longer than an hour or...

Has anyone found a synthetic plow winch rope that last longer than an hour or more. I have gone through two of the factory Warn rope, they are light weight and the up and down destroys them quickly.

  • I took the rope off. Took a piece of mechanics wire and ran it through the hole in the drum that the rope installs to.... Then wired a small 4 ft tow rope to it and wound it. Once you get a few wraps on the drum the wraps themselves hold the strap on.

  • Hadn't thought about that but sounds much more secure and a hell of a lot stronger. I will look into that thank you.

  • Do you have a roller fairing on your terry?

  • Yes, I have both the roller and original fairing, the roller is on it now.

  • Oh ok. I didn't think you had one on.

  • Yes, the problem is we use it for our parking lot and wide sidewalks around the building and property. It gets a lot of up and down, which stresses the rope and they only last about an hour, then I get to tie knots, to finish the job.

  • Understood, I'd use the tow strap trick too.

  • I'm going to try that, I think it will save some heartburn.

  • I have KFI 3500 synthetic seems to have no problems (knock on wood )

  • I wanted to give an update to my question: I found a 15 ft, 5000lb Husky tow strap with hooks at Home Depot, cut it in half and used half in place of the rope. We have had two storms requiring 2 hours each of plowing. It worked perfectly, no issues at all. Thanks for all the advise.

  • Still cable no problems in 2 years