Has anyone fitted Iridium plugs. If so have they made any noticeable difference


Has anyone fitted Iridium plugs? If so have they made any noticeable difference?

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  • None whatsoever.

  • Only to your wallet

  • The great advantage is they are fit and forget. I've done 40,000 miles on a set before replacement.

  • 40k! - impressive

  • I consider them like any other disposable part. Doesn't really matter how expensive your brake fluid is, only that it's new and changed regularly. It's an Er, not a GP bike. That said, that's a personal philosophy. And GP bikes use copper plugs cause they can burn hotter.

  • well I'm not interested from a performance perspective...they require a lower voltage to spark, so it's from a durability and reliability aspect. No noticeable difference is good news as their use can actually impair some engines. I guess at the end of the day though spark plugs are consumable that get replaced at service intervals so doesn't really matter if fit them or not

  • Had them for about a month now and no complaints whatsoever :)

  • cheers all - they go easier on your ignition system. The HT leads and coil aren't at such a high electrical Tension when they spark over at a lower voltage - however on some engines this can effect the timing so was wondering what folks experience on them on the ER was.