Has anyone fitted a rear light with integrated turn signals I have plugged the...


Has anyone fitted a rear light with integrated turn signals? I have plugged the light into where the old one was, no problems, it shone red when I turned on the bike and redder when applying the breaks, but when I plugged the cables that used to go into the turn signals into it, it's now red on one half and amber on the other with no change when using indicators, breaking or hazard lights. The front turn signals still work but flash very quickly. I've unplugged all other lights (eg the one above the number plate) as I have also installed a tail tidy. Any ideas??

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  • Ah just read further down

  • Haha yep! I called my local man and asked if I could bring it in for him to check the wiring and he told me to take it off again and bin it.

  • you can put small indicators on fella like i have. once fitted you have no need to take the rear mudguard apart again. the pannier rails just bolt back on no hassle. ill take a pic hang on

  • mines a 2011 aswell

  • i was gonna fit one aswell as small indicators. where did you get it from. was it smoked or clear. if it was from ebay china. complain they will send you another. you might have just got a duff one. think im gonna still do it. its gotta be leagal with both on

  • Thanks, but it was mainly because I wanted a tail tidy and didnt want the indicators to be in the way when I eventually buy a Givi monokey quick release pannier mounting frame. Although I've just found out I have to take the rear mudguard off again to put the frame attachment on, which I'm not looking forward to due to how much of a pain in the ass it was to put back a few nights ago

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  • check them item numbers on ebay thats what i used

  • is yours not the tourer version with standard panniers

  • Evotech tail tidy ok with panniers. Easy mod to bracket

  • did you wire the indicator wire in to the live. on each side?

  • The guy in the bike garage said it was something to do with the way it detracts from the rear light doing its job, by also pointed out that Fireblades and some other bikes come with them as standard. It's clear, got it off a UK seller on eBay

  • Can't be arsed now to be honest cheers. And after thinking about it I figure the way it came from the factory is correct for mud guard and visibility so I'm just gonna leave it be. I've already changed up the end cans, seat and screen, it's modded enough for now :)

  • Yep

  • Yeah but I took the ugly frame off and intend to get a quick release one for next summer

  • why mate once you sort the indicators. the only time the frame willbe on is when you use the panniers

  • sounds like a faulty unit then. get in touch with them they will send you another. i had one from china on my cb1300 worked fine