Has anyone fitted a bigger rear tyre Rather than the 130 70 17 any put bigger...

Has anyone fitted a bigger rear tyre. Rather than the 130/70/17 any put bigger on and what size please

  • Other's have put bigger on the rear but only by changing the swingarm - to be honest, there's not much point in doing it as has been pointed out on previous posts

  • I get what ur saying I ain't wanting to have to change swing arm

  • Measure it ...You'll fit a 140 I'm sure

  • I will look Dan really want a wheel even just a bit fatter once no swing arm change

  • I think you can squeeze a 140 on it, but it might affect the bike and how it handles from what I remember on previous posts. I'd check the rest of the posts on here before making any decisions

  • I'll look at them posts hopefully we can have a good chat about this as what better to do than chat about out great er5

  • RJ, what are you hoping to achieve? er5 already handles well for its age on stock size. I have +10 (so 140?) on the rear because I got a really good deal, and it makes only a small difference (lean in felt slower to me, I'll go back to stock eventually). Any bigger just increases rolling resistance unnecessarily and will run on frame iirc. Same goes for front above stock size.

  • Don't change the tire. The handling is good with the original size, besides, bigger bikes only have bigger tires because more tire = the more heat dissipation. Er5 doesn't have enough power to overheat the tire, and if u go bigger u will be stuck with a tire that may not warm up = bad grip

    Get the Michelin Street radial, awesome tires

  • I'm not looking to put. Hugh wheel wheel on like sports bike. Just something that will fit that I don't need to change swing arm. 140 sounds good I've seen 140/70/17. Might just stick to normal.

  • Martin Dillich what size is your 140/70/17? Is the swing arm er5 and is the rim a standard er5??

  • yes, fairly sure it's 140/70/17 on standard rim, chainguard, & swingarm

  • Is your front tyre 110/70/17 standard. Size or 120/70/17

  • Wouldn't recommend the 120 front

    ...I've had Dunlop sportmax on the front rim and it was unusable ..Pulled the.profile over way to much ..Had lie lie down my klr to get anywhere near the edgd

  • So stick with standard front 110/70/17 and back 140/70/17 I'll go order them for next week thanks for all the help guys