Has anyone ever removed the governor on their teryx


Has anyone ever removed the governor on their teryx??

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  • Check out the power commander v

  • Bad ass but they sure are proud of them. Lol

  • Yeah go to rockymountainatvmc.com

    That is the cheapest I found. I just got a t4 and definitely want more speed. Hopefully my pcv shows up this weekend.

  • I may be wrong but I don't think all PCV's remove the speed limiters, I know VForce Johns removes them.

  • I think he had to do the ecm reflash a few years back and now power commander 5's do it. They also can be tunable for fuel and timing without having to do it from a laptop. That is for the 2014&2015 t2 and t4.

  • On the Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control models, gain control over fuel delivery and timing with the new Power Commander V with fuel and ignition control. The best of both worlds, now you can realize all the benefits of the Power Commander V and the Ignition Module 5 wrapped in a single enclosure. This Power Commander V is available for select twin cylinder engines.

    Retains all of the standard Power Commander V fuel control features.

    Allows +/- 20 degrees of timing adjustment.

    Map Switch Input – change maps on the fly.

    Adjust timing per cylinder.

    Raise your Rev Limit (only available on select models).

    Built In Launch Limiter.