Has anyone ever managed to fit a bigger engine in an ER5


Has anyone ever managed to fit a bigger engine in an ER5?

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  • just buy a bigger bike

  • Interesting I have thought about this before [just for fun note ] but even a small 4 cylinder would be a nightmare fit given the width line up carb fit ! mind have seen a ZX10 motor in a KLR so anything is possible could go with a twin ? a good start maybe the KLR650 lump ?

  • Got a Fazer 1000 was just curious if anyone has done it

  • I think I saw a thread on the owners club about someone putting a 600 or 650 in the er5 but it was ages ago.

  • If you want more grunt put gpz 500 s cams in it ,will give you 125 mph and enough acceleration to scare yourself

  • It's alot of work for not alot of gain , just buy a differnt bike zr7 or something

  • On an ER5 that would be scary I own a Fazer 1000 and there's a lot you can do with them but you never hear of anyone messing with an ER5 just wondered if anyone had tried

  • Does the GPZmotor fit straight in the ER5? There's some on EBay for £200

  • Dont think the frame would take much more power and the swing arm deffo wouldn't .and its under braked even for the er,s power .

  • It's the same motor just the er has softer cams , just but gpz 500 cams and pop them in , and you get the same. Power and speed .

  • Dont buy a used motor , just but a pair of cams and pop them In

  • To softly tunned would gain on grunt but nothing else .

  • Would rather have better brakes tbh

  • Gpz 500 twin disk set up can get rim forks and calipers for under £100 quid

  • GPZ500 motor has a different alternator, which is known to explode at speed!

  • Old one on first model did , later one where the same as er 5 vn and kle same motor differnt cam profiles .

  • Do the forks fit straight in? What model gpz?

  • I could be wrong but I think the very late gpz500 was dual front otherwise you have to get the front end from an imported gpz500 as they were dual disk. However I think that they are single piston rather than the dual pot piston on the er5. I could be wrong on all points though

  • Think it's the c model yes there the same diameter legs , don't rember if there single piston or not , but rotors are the same aswell .

  • My bad just checked its the gpz 500 e model twin disks with 2 piston calipers .

  • They moved the disk to the right fork on single disk models of the gpz so you might get away with the right fork disk and caliper and the brake line splitter thats on the frame to run two. Brake lines.