Has anyone done the cat delete on there machine just looking for info and want...


Has anyone done the cat delete on there machine, just looking for info and want to do mine, thank you

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  • Thank you very much!!!! Jeremy Dowell

  • Welcome man. That page helped me do it. What I can say is it's a pain in the ass. My machine had 100 hours when I did it. Bolts were so rusted. It was a pain in the ass. But I can now idle with my bike fully submerged under water now with out having to have my foot on the gas. Worth it in my opinion.

  • I also took the spark arrestor off.

  • What is the reason for this? I have a 2016 T4 let model

  • I got rid of the rear cat, I guess there is one in the headers?? Lot more responsive in bottom end in my opinion. Took off spark arrestor and made a tip. Also drilled roughly a 3/8 hole straight through the muffler (front to back)

  • Did it to mine first week I had it. Also, do not get caught without a spark arrestor. I have seen forest service checking those before

  • I can't take the spark arrestor out either, local law enforcement check, there have been lots of fires started because of this.

  • I'm in ohio, I swear it's always cloudy and rain so ...lol

  • I did and added a Flowmaster muffler

  • I watched a couple videos, but videos don't seam to capture the sound well. Did you get a programmer? If not have you checked spark plugs to see if it's burning too lean?

  • No programmer it's basically a slip on, It runs just a little rich bu TF not to a point it smokes or nothing tho. I get complements from rzr and canned ham guy a lot

  • Yes and I re installed the factory muffler ,love it