Has anybody tried Michelin pilot 4 gt s just put a set on my zzr1100 hard...


Has anybody tried Michelin pilot 4 gt,s just put a set on my zzr1100, hard wearing in the middle and softer on the sides, specifically made for heavier bikes if I get over 2000mls I be well pleased

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  • That's good, have,nt tried mine much in the dry yet but hold a line great on cornering, very pleased

  • I cannot wait to find out what they are like in the dry plus how many km's I will get out of them too

  • My last tyres were pilot 4,s but gt,s are wee bit better lasting hopefully

  • I get over 5000 off the rear pirelli diablo strada and I ride hard so they not a bad choice

  • Sounds good

  • Also super sticky

  • Not the 4s but the Pilot Road 2s I prefer were good for 6600 1st set (early puncture on rear), and 8500mls 2nd set. I'm assuming they have similar wear rates so should go well beyond 2000, unless you're a complete loon :D

  • I am on my second set of 4's you should find that the front will not suffer with uneven wear and I got 15,000 out of my last set and I am quite a hard rider. Love em I have just put a set on my 1400 for the isle of Mann TT it was like riding a different bike ( battle axe ) pah!!

  • Check the speed rating on them tyres, the heavier bike tires are not rated as high as the normal ones. This is what put us off getting them

  • The speed rating on them is 'W' which = 170 mph how fast do you want to go ?

  • Was looking at another brand for heavier bikes but they were only rated to H, but we won't use anything less that (W)

  • Sheena Robinson good girl

  • I've had her up to 150 under hard acceleration and hammered her round corners and she's very stable , pilot 4 gt,s harder wearing than pilot 4,s can,the fault them do about 4000mls a year , if I get a year out of then I, my happy 255 and 290 fitted my friends excellent tires