Has anybody fitted bobbins for rear paddock stand. If so how did you do it


Has anybody fitted bobbins for rear paddock stand? If so how did you do it? Fed up with my one squashing Scott oiler pipe under swing arm

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  • Yeah done most of that before strapped te back down on a scaffold board to do the forks before just wanted something simplere

  • I have the paddock stand and thought it could be easier using the bobbins rather than the "L" shaped brackets

  • I had that issue with the scottoiler ... So I removed it and chucked it in the bin .. !!

  • Fit a metmachex swing arm ...has the bobbins fitted already

  • Stick with the wood orf a centre stand dolly the wall of the swing arm ally is like 3mm thick . Not enough to take the weight

  • So the swingarm could bend or buckle?

  • Is the Swing arm alloy or steel ... ? If it's steel I'd be quite tempted to fabricate and weld a bracket to the swing arm so bobbins could be attached.

  • It's alloy, same as the frame.

  • Get rid of the oiler. You don't need it if you run a 'O' type chain. Just keep the chain clean and keep it oiled with an oily rag once in a while. The rollers are already greased and unless you wind your oiler so low, all that happens is that you end up chucking the oil all over the back wheel and the rest of the bike.

  • I am going to fit them at the weekend. I will let you know how I get on .