Has anybody ever pulled their radiator on their 14

Has anybody ever pulled their radiator on their 14?

  • Yeah, I had to pull mine off when my bike was less than a month old. lol

  • How hard of a process is it....got to get it repaired....small hole

  • It's really not that bad. I had a guy weld mine for 50 bucks.

  • The only thing you need to be careful with is the 2 top bolts that go into the frame. I almost cross threaded on trying to pull it out with an impact.

  • Thats not bad, guy gonna fix mine for 65....thanks for the info and heads up

  • No problem man. Let me know if you run into problems

  • Okay thanks! I'm sure I will, lol

  • Not very hard when the plastic has gone during maintenance. I did it for cleaning and inspection before a large trip.

  • Zed without radiator.

  • The radiator.

  • No, I prefer to unbolt it rather than pull it off, much cheaper that way.