Has anybody came up with any mods to try an get the heat out of the center...


Has anybody came up with any mods to try an get the heat out of the center console. If you put a cold drink in the front holders it hot with in mins an your legs are super hot . please post pics . thanks

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  • Jack check out teryxforums,net there is a ton of info and a lot of things to do for improvement on all teryx's

  • you tube, i have yet to do mine,! im shopping for a muffler as we speak

  • The teryx forms suck there is nobody on there to answer any questions you have that's why you asked it here

  • I don't if we are on the same forum but I never had a problem getting info.

  • I'm on this one

  • That is the one. I guess I have been lucky because I have learned a lot of stuff about my 2014.I just looked and there is 6 pages just on the cat convertor.These guys are way more serious about mods than I am,,I added bandit shocks, 2 inch lift, lengthened my rear upper a arms, wheel spacers and fuel atv air filter.That is enough for me.

  • I'm looking for some arched lower arms cuz I don't want to spend $1300 for a catvos lift with them. I have a 2in super atv lift now

  • There is no end to spending for these. We don't ride too hard core, we go to Colorado every July for a week.They just need some more ground clearance but the arched a arms are nice. I had some deep scratches in mine from the rocks.

  • Yea x-treme has a bad ass 8in lift for them

  • I have learned a ton of stuff from Teryxforums.net . Never had any issues getting info.