happy new year everyone


happy new year everyone.

I sold my fireblade and have bought a 08 z750 to see if it is easier on my bad back.

the problem is i use Bennett to insure my bike and as one of the leading UK bike insurer's they can not find my model on thier system. this is insane! how many different 08 plate models are there? please help as they have asked me to check

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  • In 2011, alongside the standard Z750, Kawasaki launched the Z750R.

    This model resembles the 2007 to 2012 Z750, however with upgraded front

    suspension for excellent steering performance and the rear suspension

    feature a piggyback nitrogen reservoir, radial front brake calipers with

    standard metal-braided front and rear brake lines, aluminium

    swinging-arm and black instrumentation. The headlight cluster, front

    mudguard and front and rear indicators were also redesigned for a more

    sportier look.

  • That is a 08 z750. I have the same bike. I can't see if it's a abs or not.

  • pretty sure mines not abs

  • Mine is standard not abs.

  • Mine is a abs version

  • nice frank. :) i think i will get a belly pan for mine. do people find these windy when you get p to 70mph and above? do they need a front deflector? sorry for all the questions :)

  • Just ask questions. :). I always had naked bikes. So I don't mind that it's a little windy.. But yes, there is not much that take the wind away. But it's better then the kawasaki ER6-n I had before.. :)

  • They get really windy around 125

  • Just as a note . Bennett do not go by the Reg. Which is madness!