Had the bike 2 weeks and think I been playing with the power too much lol tyres...

Had the bike 2 weeks and think I been playing with the power too much lol tyres need replacing soon but need harder compound and not to expensive cos I use her daily. Help please

  • Opening up a can of worms there Neil !! I needed to change mine after 3 weeks so I went to my trusty old Dunlop roadsmart 3. Good all round tyre

  • I use pr4 £235 fitted . Done 5k on them and still tonnes left .

  • Was looking at Avon storm 2s but your suggestion is much cheaper

  • That's expensive! ! Lol

  • Suppose you get what u pay for . I chewed thru a rear Bridestone in less than 3k and wasn't much cheaper than the pr4 . Done 5k now on them and still a good 4mm left . Plus use main daily commute and weekend blast etc

  • Put PR4's on at my 7.5k service. On just over 12k now, still loads left. I reckon will be good for another 3-4k

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4 mate. Harder compound in the middle for longevity and softer compound on the edges. The opposite of the PR3's

  • Can of worms indeed! Seems the PR4's are very popular. I fit Bridgestone T30 on rear. Very happy with that. Bottom line, all the modern tyres are pretty good. Probs best to fit same make as front, assuming there is still life in it...

  • Michelin Pilot Road 3 or 4, (PR3/4) great grip in the wet and last a good 8,000 miles.

  • On my 3rd set PR4s. As Pete says, Harder comp in the middle stickier on the sides. Setting off to tour Spain for a month in June ,and that will become our third tour on the same tyres, making 7 to 8 thousand miles of safe travel without compromise.

  • Pilot road 3

  • I had storm 2's on the ZX12R, rode her like I was Han Solo... lasted ages. But as I never used any other rubber (ever!) then it's a pointless statement. Tyre threads are very much like car manufacturers fuel consumption claims; mainly irrelevant. IMO ✌️

  • omg! You like me have given a comment in a tyre thread!!! lmao