Had some bad luck with exhausts recently does anybody know theres a stainless...


Had some bad luck with exhausts recently, does anybody know theres a stainless h1 exhaust for sale with a three bolt mounting on it? Cheers

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  • Pretty sure I saw one on ebay. If not, deffo ebay.de

  • I did find that but i cant afford another end can, the one i have has the triple bolt flange

  • Does it have to be stainless?

  • Id prefer stainless, my last few bikes have chewed through mild steel,

  • Do you know anybody that makes a 3 bolt adaptor?

  • Not off the top of my head...

  • 3 bolt adapters on ebay

  • My std system just starting to blow at collector. I understand H1 and H2 systems are different, yet the aftermarket ones are listed for H1 and H2.

  • Phil thats one of the problems i had, another was a brand new system the headers didnt line up, and do you know what they are called because im struggling to find one

  • In the same boat! Can't find an exhaust to save my lifefor my H1! My Muzzy header is all smashed up on the bottom from the previous owner!

  • Simon Truscott I have seen them on Ebay before but can't for the life of me now. It seems bandit mania have them but are out of stock http://www.svrider.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4465 4