Had a W1 back in the 80s Bought it because it reminded me of the A10 BSA I had...


Had a W1 back in the 80s. Bought it because it reminded me of the A10 BSA I had in the 70s. Now in 2015 I lashed out and bought a W800. Back in the saddle after 35 years of not riding. Still like the W but kinda wishing I had gone for the older carby version instead of the electronics. Prefer the crankcase looks of the W1.

With this one I have opened the pipes which sounded great but made it run very lean. Added a power commander to compensate. Now looking to improve the soft suspension and fit clubman bars.

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  • Welcome, John. Nice ride! You'll find lots of good info, here, as you scroll through the back pages. And, many interesting characters to help, advise, and cheer-you-along with your W800 ownership.

  • Very sweet bit of kit. Saddle looks a bit Yogi Bear cuddly though... ;-)

  • How do you know it was running lean?

  • We have been in 2016 for quite a while now... :/

  • inside the pipes was going rusty. No carbon at all. Plus asked a couple of bike mechanics. Dealer assured me it would not but those who had opened up the pipes said it would be.

  • That is a removable sheep skin cover. Comfy on longer rides but I leave it off other times.

  • Not in a rush.