h2 oil filter

h2 oil filter

HI, I have recently bought a 1990 zxr750 h2 and would like to change the oil and filter,my workshop manual says that I have to remove the rad,oil cooler and exhaust to get oil filter out!. Is there any way to remove filter without removing everything else?? Thanks.

  • hi i think you should be able to do this job with out doing any of that!! the h1 has the oil filter at the front of the engine below the rad, the h2 filter is located under the engine internaly and should be easy to access!! i have a h2 and have done oil and filters and simply undid the filter from underneath!!!

  • I have a J1 and recently had it apart fixing the thermostat housing as it was leaking. I had to take all the fairings, radiator,hoses out to even see the oil filter, which could be, i found, taken out and replaced without undoing the headers. Not alot of room though. I should have changed the filter then.

  • I have a H2 with a Micron exhaust on it. It's a bit of a wiggle but I can change the oil filter no problem without removing anything. Hope this helps.

  • you have been reading for a h1,h2 is easy as Andrew says