Guys need reccomendations for tyres


Guys need reccomendations for tyres.

Fed up with sales pitches from the fitters.

Been on pilot fours they werent bad.should I stick or is there something better.

Could I please have advice from guys who have had their tyre choice on for a while in all weathers and riding styles.

On your marks get set......go

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  • he he Richard its dangerous to ride,,,

  • Doing well thanks Tor

  • Nice weekend to u:)

  • Richard - thats your opinion. Ive never had a problem with them, in all weathers. And theyve never found a ditch.

    I was making a point about diffrent tyre fitters saying diffrent things

  • Yes David of course it's my opinion. I have been riding for many many years and the only tyres that have ever tried to kill me have been Avon. ....TWICE. So it will remain my opinion no matter how cheap they are.

  • Well the Avons are more expensive than the pr4s thats why i thought i might give them a go

  • Pirelli Angel GT's for me, loads'a grip in wet and dry straight from the off currently on around 5K and plenty of life left in them. Mixture of M-ways, A-roads and twisty lake district/scotland stuff

  • Ok Angels it is chaps

  • Chinachem Angel GT......somehow just doesn't sound as good does it

  • I use Bridgestone 023. I like them and have done for years. I tried Avons once, never again. As Richard said, ditch finders. :( Tyres are a very personal choice, what works for one rider will not work for another. We all have different riding styles. Each to their own. :)