• Guys. Just a quick check. Which is the best way to switch off our beast

    Guys... Just a quick check... Which is the best way to switch off our beast??? Coz i got different views... Some say using the kill switch while others say its best to switch off directly using the key... Any inputs???

    • Key ,kill switch is for emergencies it's not as robust as a key barrel

    • Key as it shuts down the ecu correctly. Kill switch does what it says on the tin and kills it. :-(

    • KEY

    • But is it ok to switch off while the fan is running???

    • I use key every time for reasons stated by the 2 daves

    • Thanks for the useful input guys...

    • If you have been running it hard before you stop then I would let the fan run until it stops and then switch it off.this will limit any heat soak

    • It's got a kill switch