Guys I m planning to ride 2500km on 15th till 18th My oil n filter change are...


Guys..I m planning to ride 2500km on 15th till 18th .My oil n filter change are due in May.Shall I change them before the ride or after?.

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  • I only know to pump the!!!

  • Hantar kedai je byr labour charge

  • That's all you need to do

  • Fully synthetic..every 5k km n semi synthetic every 3k km..right?

  • I don't really change according to that. When ever I feel my shifting not smooth, I will change the engine oil...

    So far even with Fully Synthetic... the most I make out at 4000km...

  • Hahaha... changing engine oil is the most basic this to do as a rider.

    No worry about getting your hands dirty...

    I send to Kawasaki mechanics for the time being just because of the warranty. After the warranty prior, I will be doing it myself..

  • Jeez, you guys change your oil way too often. I change mine once a year/ 6000 miles

  • Engine last longer

  • I did 40,000 miles on my mark 2 with no issues and only changed the oil once a year

  • It's a twin cylinder 650, not a Ferrari, just ride the damn thing and stop treating it like a baby

  • Done that. Check ur mileage bro.. if less than 1000km before due.. better change.

  • no machine ever said NO to an oil change at anytime.

  • Darren Elbrow I'm not sure if country with 4 season are different with country with only summer.

    In Malaysia, all our vehicle change our engine oil very often. If we didn't change often, what will happen normally is the engine oil dried up.. our weather i way too hot throughout the whole year. Imagine coolest 30 degree C, hottest 40 degree C. There is no way to get any lower then 29 degree C beside raining day...

  • Most riders in the UK only ride during the summer when we might get 30 degrees C for a few days. And they do maybe less than 1000 miles.

    Me, I average around 8000-9000 miles a year in temps from around -5 degreesC to 30c , and I ride a very varied range of roads. I'll regularly ride 2-300 miles for a coffee

  • I think because we don't have winter... This explain why we change our oil more often then country which have 4 season.

    Ur mileage is almost as same as mine... means u ride very often...

    In malaysia we don't need 5W40 oil. The most common is 10W40...

  • You shouldn't need to change oil as often as you do. The oil should be good for double the distance you mention

  • I only use the recommended oil type by mr Kawasaki San