Guys I keep wanting a teryx but the no power in reverse just kills it for me...


Guys I keep wanting a teryx but the no power in reverse just kills it for me every time.. And some say it's the clutch but I know a clutch can only do so much.. Is there anything that will really fix the problem?

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  • I turn 30s n reverse on factory clutch. I've had no problems.

  • My only complaint was the shocks. Bandits fixed that

  • John Brown keep an eye on the bandits rear res hoses.mine blew out from the inside out.

  • Done been there Sam Barden. They have been fixed.

  • Yeah luckily I saved my foxes so I could ride still

  • Ted had great customer service. Shipped mine out on Monday they were back on Thursday

  • Yeah the service from his service company was on par but I still wonder about the initial product quality. If me or my son was in a race and had a shock blow due to a bad batch of lines or bushings or oil after dropping a grand on them there would be problems here.I'm glad mine blew sitting in the garage.

  • For what it's worth, I ran 29.5 outlaw2 wides all around with only vforcejohn spring and weight kit for over a year, and am currently running same setup with primary now machined with 32s and I have never had an issue in reverse or forward for that matter, even in THICK mud as we ride swamps a lot, nor have I ever had a belt issue and I've always had snorkels to the roof

  • Wow that's good to hear man. Has your teryx been a good machine? Does it pull those tires around pretty good?

  • Never had an issue pulling my tires. Mine has been great! It's a 2012 750 t4. Only problem I've had out of mine was I smoked the power steering computer crossing a really deep(over the dash) creek before I knew it wasn't sealed, warranty fixed that and I have since extended my wiring harness and mounted it on the underside of the roof. I put a fuel pump in it before I knew about the fuel tank vent mod, $70 from highflowfuel for just the pump. Other than that one right front axle due to a wide open throttle dive into what I thought would be a nasty hole. Actually went across further than I anticipated an right front tire grabbed the bank and boom lol. That is it no other issues