Guys had a wee incident with the Big Zed back on Wednesday Slow speed spill...


Guys, had a wee incident with the Big Zed back on Wednesday. Slow speed spill was ok but got hit in the head by a passing car. :-( Needless to say I am now in need of a replacement Silver nose cone, upper left side fairing & a left side tail panel. Any of you guys know of anywhere I could try? Thanks!

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  • Dave Craddock, nose cone smashed on left side due to mirror hitting it, left upper and tail pretty bad with road rash, thank goodness for frame sliders and crash bobbins, could have been worse

  • Dave Craddock, mirror smashed, bar end, foot peg & clutch lever done in too :-( got them sorted though

  • Andrew Hurn check out ebay item 281266427441 think I like a LOT!

  • looks good dave.ready painted as well.also you can ask for a specific colour ...very nice :)

  • just check first the import duty charges

  • the set i showed you dave comes pre painted in proper kwak colours and ready to fit

  • but i love that colour scheme on the ebay one really nice and different

  • Custom charges should be about £80 according to the online calculator Andrew Hurn

  • well for a full set of painted plastics that works out good value ..just hope they are a good fit ..but will look cool with that paint scheme :)

  • Any body shop using Octoral or de-beer paint can mix atomic silver

    Mine fell off the side stand and I ended up have to paint left hand side fairing lower

    Colour match is 100%