Guys due to 1000 miles on motorways Scotland to Cadwell and back I ve gained...


Guys due to 1000 miles on motorways (Scotland to Cadwell and back) I've gained a nice flat spot on back tyre. Great excuse to get new rubber. What's the best all rounders for this baby

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  • Pilot 4 gt's no question, last for ever and tremendous grip

  • M7RR

  • What the t30's like in the wet Rob Arnold Arnie

  • I had T30's on the exact same model. They are okish, last more than twice as long than the S20 but the traction control system was cutting in all the time in the wet. Even had a few moments with them in the dry when utilizing the beasts mid range power.

  • Road pilot 2

  • PR4 gt

  • came down from Lincoln to Exeter last Monday in torrential rain and they was good. Being hard I expect them not to hold on heavy breaking but they was really good. I'll be putting them on next to. :-)

  • Aint shure,bt u maight easy get 10000 km on mpr4gt. I put on new befor i went to Bastogne,just bq the tyre then had gone 80000km and afraid to ruin them on Germans motorways. I'l put they back on juat bq they are to good to throw away.:)

  • juat=just:)

  • My vote is for Michelin PR4's I have them on the ZX and PR3's on my GSX1400 superb tyres in my opinion.