Guys any recommendation for the portable tyre inflator to carry during long...


Guys..any recommendation for the portable tyre inflator to carry during long ride?.for bycicle we carry CO2 cannisters

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  • Fix a Flat

  • CO2 cylinders work on motorbike tire's as well. You'll need to carry a few. If you are inclined to use a compressor, I like the one by Touratech.

  • Slime make a compact one that fits under the seat

  • Do some of you guys work for Touratec?

    This is the only group outside of BMW ones where it gets mentioned

  • Today..I got flat tyre..but lucky its only on my easy to fix n complete 105km

  • I carry this little compressor around. Just a bit larger than my hand. Have even used it on the car!

  • I have a BMW, and helped out with the GS Challenge in Canada a couple of years ago. Touratech was an event sponsor, and I worked with two of their mechanics.

    My mini compressor would not develop enough pressure to set the beads on the large rear tire's of the 1200GS, but theirs did the trick. It's fairly small, and comes in a nice little zipped bag; a bit pricy, as a understand it, (mine was a gift from the fine Touratech mechanics) but very effective.

  • That's the one im on about

  • It was about 20 GBP when I got it...

  • Think its were about 50 due to international postage

  • I have that Slime too .but how to connect to d battery.No outlet to connect the power.

  • ^^ Use the alligator clips on the battery. Don't forget to run the engine while running the compressor.