Greetings from Germany

Greetings from Germany!

  • Welcome Alin.

  • We have a few members from Germany.

  • Sounds great :D

  • Please check the pinned post at the top of the page, and anyone close to you send them a friend request, we're all family here :-)

  • Also check out the FILES section of the group, you will find service manuals and other useful stuff, if you can contribute to this it would be great.

  • Hey Alin witch part of Germany do you come from

  • My ninja 636

  • Me Too

  • I think i have the same bike in black, ninja ZX6R 2009-2012?

  • Yup thats right. I have the Same bike in blue :) 2009

  • Good choice ;) sucks not having ABS though :s

  • 100% right haha but Abs is expensive. Where you come from?

  • Antwerp, Belgium. Luckily ABS and TCS are becoming more and more standard on newer models... I have had a few minor and 2 major accidents that would have been avoided with ABS and/or TCS... So really looking forward to a safer bike :s. Where are you from btw?

  • Greetings from usa

  • Schöne Gruße! ÖD

  • aus Regensburg, und du?

  • Geboren in München jetzt aus Erding