Greetings all am about to buy my first Versys 2009 with 23K Miles I never...


Greetings all , am about to buy my first Versys (2009) with 23K Miles , I never bought a hi mileage bike before so my question : is 23K in 1st gen versys is OK ? or i have to be prepared for lots of fixing and visits to mechanics ? (which i hate ) Thanks in advance for your replies , have a good day

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  • I bought mine with 36k on it. WRECKED. And after putting it back together and going through the maintenance steps in the owner's manual, it's pretty much perfect.

    I think it comes down to how well the previous owner treated it, more than the mileage. It was clear that, with 36,000 miles and one bad lowside, my 2008's previous owner LOVED this bike. Except for that one time.

  • One of the forum members on ( lives in Canada) has a 2007 Versys with +180,000 km on his. Apart from regular servicing he has not had any engine problems at all. The Versys engine is usually bullet proof

  • I did 40,000 miles in 5 years on my 2010 gen 2 with no issues

  • No issue as long as they can provide you the full service records and normal wear and tear part are renewed. You will get yourself a good deal. Remember this is the Original Versys DNA that won the B.O.Y in 2 consecutive years 2008 and 2009. It worth keeping as no twin lookalike, it standout on it's own.

  • Glad to hear that ✌️

  • How it preform in hot weather ? Does it get over heated easily ?

  • Thats cool

  • No, remember to flush the radiator every 25 k to make sure no blockage change your coolant too.

  • Oh my god!!! 180k plus?????

  • it's impossible to answer for your specific bike, but the versys, if maintained, like almost any kawasaki, is a reliable bike. I bought my 2008 with 22K miles on it, and now at 25K miles, i've had no issues and just regular maintenance. knock on wood. I love the bike.

  • I bought a 2009 with 13k miles only issue was cracked exhaust and trip switch both seem to be common faults, exhaust got welded trip under warranty I got with the bike, Frame paint is blistering in places

  • My '09. Just a tick over 6k. Zero defects.

  • You will have no worries, service and ride on

  • High mileage?

  • A bike with 5000 miles or 50000 can have the same issues. Depending on care of the bike. Only reason that's a high mileage bike is because someone usually wrecks them before they go that high. Lol

  • 23k km? I think thats near the valve clearance time rite... at 24k km

  • Previous owner did it at 15000 miles