great ride out in the lakes whoever says a zzr14 dosnt scratch or go round...


great ride out in the lakes..whoever says a zzr14 dosnt scratch or go round bends dosnt know how to ride one

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  • Sorry to see that mate, get well soon

  • Scott Callan, hope you're ok buddy, same thing happened to me just over a week ago! Still healing from the head injury after getting hit by a car.. Diesel was the reason I span out! Main thing is you're still with us. Only plastic n metal! Take care and get well soon!!! ;-)

  • Certainly can Mark Abbotts, but not when the roads are covered in shit and our local authorities do feck all about them!!! But hey we're the silly one's risking our lives doing something we enjoy! We all know the risk but shouldn't be placed in additional danger due to people not caring or doing what we all pay them for!!!

  • Dave I hope your ok mate. I know your pain, I was eternally grateful to the BMWx5 that done some kind of fancy driving to miss me. I was sliding with the bike but started rolling when the friction took hold. Thought I was a gonner when I saw the BMW grill baring down on me.

  • Scott Callan. Believe it or not! It was a silver BMW Z4 that hit me full on in the head. Fecker didn't even try to swerve!!! Bikes not too bad but my head/face is a mess. Thank feck for crash helmets

  • BMW's have something against big zeds I reckon. Just get a dark visor mate so no-one see's that fucked up face. Haha....... Thank god we can laugh about it.

  • Face was already fecked before the crash LOL! Might have improved it TBH! Hope you have a speedy recovery and the bike isn't too badly damaged. Get her sorted and Let The Good Times Roll!!!

  • Gutted for you fellah !!!!

  • no chickin strips on marks back tyre lol.

  • Damn get well soon mate

  • That's crap mate, there is some group that meet yearly to have a voice, Anti-diesel spill group or something, they meet in London.