Great Review on this bike 118 hp stock still not sold completely on the new...

Great Review on this bike, 118 hp stock, still not sold completely on the new look, but It seems as close we are going to get to a replacemtnt to the v2K rogues, kawasaki designs are stale, the V2K was the last bold statement kawasaki made, and it would be great to see it modernized, not goldwing valkyrie or m109 modernized but something like that with a twist of classic, well pretty much a new bug eye v2K

  • sorry too many pistons

  • There's so much more factory stuff available for Yamaha's Star line up than anything for the Kawasaki and Suzuki too

  • if it rides like a crotch rocket and comfortable like a cruiser its definately the bike for me

  • can you imagine if they had called the vn2000 the "2100" and tweaked it a little, like a valve job and 6th gear ? it would have been a killer marketing name, hope somebody got demoted for that blunder.

  • kawasaki needs to do something, NOTHING in their cruiser line up is sppealing

  • Survival of the fittest my friends.. Harley stock is doing very well right now and frankly in a crappy economy.. My experience with HD for 3 years was very very positive. Great product.. expensive, but I was very comfortable that you were getting what you paid for. It continually surprises me when I go into the Kawi dealer and they are asking $17 or $18K for that Vaquerro.. looks well finished.. but damn.. I know for a fact if I dropped that kind of money for a bike now it would be a HD. Why? Two specific reasons: resale and frankly superior quality and well thought out gizmo's I can install. For example their king tour pak quick disconnect system.. boom in 1 minute I have a locked on King Tour Pak and in the same amount of time its off again. Now I have all my luggage on the V2K bolted down (for a trunk etc).. what a pain in the ass.. some day's I'd just like to strip it down and enjoy being clean and light that day.. can't do it.. got to get the spanners out.. But for 1/2 the price of an HD I don't mind living with it. Power isn't everything boys that's just ego talking to you.. the HD's have enough power.. My Road King twin cam 88 would run 90+ mph all day loaded down to the max.. the only thing I replaced on that bike was a front motor mount.. otherwise a awesome ride.. expensive though..

  • Out of all that post, the only thing that stuck with me was you think Harley is superior to Kawasaki....

  • and that harley is twice the price.

  • If they were the same price than yes. As they are not then no. The Kawi is value