Great got home after the ride from work im chaining my bike up and i notice my... home after the ride from work,im chaining my bike up and i notice my rad is dripping

  • Personlly I wouldn't use Radweld...liable to bung up your entire system, much small passages than on a car one...might get away using just a bit but why not do the job properly. Besides radweld is only supposed to be a temporary fix

  • Mine was repaired by Ricketts Radiators in Swansea. It was less than £30. Locally they go around the car and bike workshops, collect and repair. The repair is pressure tested too.

    Mine was holed from behind from a stone on the road. Maybe you can post it to them for repair.

  • Hmmm...thats not a bad price...but i need my bike for getting to work on

  • 60 odd quid from China on fleabay..dunno if they any good...twice that from Europe and over 400 quid from Kawasaki !!!

  • I'm sure you do, but if you ride it with a leaky radiator soon you won't have an ER5 at all.

  • Are you certain its leaking...thought mine was once but it was rain water running down...

  • You know it's leaking if the water coming off it smells of coolant.

  • yes I do know that! was the way it looked at 1st glance that's all

  • Check your fan housing is not rubbing .got some magic metal I sealed mine with it will bring work tomorrow

  • Got a few spares for an er5 might have a rad among them I'll have a look tomorrow if ya want

  • yeh putty if you can make it work is a safer temporary fix than radweld

  • I have two working ones in medway Kent £10 each if you want one

  • I may take you up on that when i get paid on friday, cheers