Great day out riding in Wales today bit dusty though when following mates in...

Great day out riding in Wales today, bit dusty though when following mates in front as they kick up the bleeding road salt in the middle of the road. One bloke who last week collected his brand new Triumph tiger 1050 17 plate and has just done 350 miles on it is now without it. It's developed a knocking noise and is now back at the dealers while they try to find out where it's coming from. I told him I wouldn't have it back if they've stripped the engine down. Apparently under sales of goods act you have the right to get a new replacement or total refund. He said he was a nats cock away from getting a Honda Africa twin and wishes he had now. Personally I would never ever touch a Triumph or Ducati etc...It has to be Japanese for me every time.. What's worrying him is we're all off to Germany in May and he's sitting at home with no bike and £11,500 down.

Just wondered if anyone has heard similar stories regarding new ZZR14's or is it just a Triumph thing ?

  • That dust is a fucker I was out Thursday in Wales looked in the mirror all I could see was dust.

  • Thats all you will see Eddie if you follow my Busa...

  • Erm...yes well minor point...but it will be fixed by next weekend..and then you 14 owners will be eating grit

  • And probably a bit of clutch fluid bunged off my chain hahahahaah

  • The ZZR1400 is well known for blowning number three crank bearing and smashing the conrod through the crankcase.

    Both gen 1 and gen 2 have the same problem, but I still wouldn't buy a Triumph and your mate would be wise to get his money back and go elsewhere.

  • Your friend with the Triumph must have been unlucky.

    I got a Triumph Sprint ST 1050 for 50000 km without a single problem before my Gen 2 . The 1050 engine is bulletproof. It has been ranked higher than the ZZR1400 in quality endurance tests.

    But it can't beat the big Z anyway. Never ever.

  • How many Busas chuck a Mind you..they do shit clutch slaves...!!

  • My ZZR1400 could blow a rod once a week and I still wouldn't have a Busa.

  • Bloody hell Lee! You certainly love knocking the ZZR down! This crank bearing thingy hardly effects any bikes, given the huge numbers that have been sold! Why do you slate our bikes on such a rare issue??!!!

  • As far as I'm concerned the ZZR1400 is every bike I have ever wanted and is simply the best bike I have ever owned, that's why I'm on my second one. All bikes have at least one major fail point, as do cars.

    Yes, it is rare but it is well known about too and the point of forums like this is education of known faults as well as the good points, of which there are a great more than bad ones.

    I certainly would never knock the ZZR1400, it is a truly remarkable machine, certainly capable of track days, touring and top speed runs. I love mine, I love riding it and I've met some great people because of them.

    If I thought they were crap I wouldn't own one, simple as that, and I don't own one because of it's reputation for speed either. I would and do recommend these bikes on many forums around Facebook, sadly too many people turn their noses up before even riding one.

    I love these bikes.

  • Over 20k on my ZZRs and no issues at all

  • Over 10 K and gear sensor has been the only issue

  • Come on Lee get down the Kwaker dealer and get a 14 you know you want one.

  • I had 3 sprints a bonnie and a speed triple R all great bikes

  • Spot on Lee... This thread is like 'top boxes' & 'tyres'. Sometimes shit happens.We all have our own choices and most importantly we choose what WE want for ourselves. I had a Triumph Sprint 1050, from new. It didn't miss a beat and boy did it get ridden (erm...) briskly. Same with the gen ZZR I had, same riding format from new and it didn't miss a beat. The Triumph guy is protected by the sales act; he should buy what he likes once sorted but reject the current bike. If we all think back, not so many years. Any one recall "Back luck mate, must be a Friday <insert product>". ✌️

  • Ouch...

  • None of u will believe this but it's true - my mate had a triumph adventure and when it was a few months old he was moving it in his garage and part of the handle bar snapped off! How worrying is that!

  • The truth is that there is only the Japanese manufacturers who can afford to put the money into proper development and testing - that's why they are so reliable

  • Very worrying and I'm not surprised it was a Triumph...