• Great day at the BSB only to find a nail in my pilot road 4 rear tyre it s in...

    Great day at the BSB only to find a nail in my pilot road 4 rear tyre, it's in the middle assume it can be repaired?

    • I'll give you tenner for it.

    • If it will fix I will get it done, as almost new plus I ain't too bothered about massive speeds it's about corners....

    • Did the same to my front tyre at 500 miles from new, tyre place refused to repair cos of speed rating, the guy who replaced it had his bike outside and wouldn't repar his own either as said is it worth it not in my book.

    • Will have a chat to the garage, whilst I do wind my ZZR on it ain't my play thing it's my tourer so hopefully will be ok

    • Just plug it with a diy kit it'll be good as new

    • I know from the same descusion here in Norway,there are lots of uppinions how dangerous it is to plug a mctyre. If i ask,how many of u gys realy hawe experiens any problem after a proper plugg? If ur on ty pextrem safety thinking,use an ambrellaplug from inside out.:))

    • Ive used my diy plugs a couple of times in my rear tyres and they have lasted the life of the tyre

    • Had a bad cut in a rear tyre 30 years ago with the hole so big the tyreweld just squirted out.....the addition of a wood screw into the hole worked a treat....tested up to gpz1100 speeds.....would love the 30th anniversary zzr1400

    • If the plug is put the right way you shouldn't have any problem for the remaining life of the tyre. Done it on my tyres several times in the past and no problem at all.

    • Just plug it and forget it's been plugged. No problem. I have lost count of the number of punctures I have plugged.