Grab this months Practical Sportsbike mag. Lots of pages on the H snd J models


Grab this months Practical Sportsbike mag. Lots of pages on the H snd J models

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  • Here's what mine normally looks like - the single seat unit saves another few kgs, as you can lose all the gubbins underneath it, along with the pillion pegs. I also run it without the fairing infill panels at the front. 20 previous owners, no idea how many miles (it says 40,000ish but I don't believe that for a moment). Cost me 650 quid or so, but was pretty derelict when I picked it up. If you can sort though all the other crap there's some bits about the build at

  • Doug Mays

  • Too right Phil Matthews, you might as well ride your ironing board up there!!

  • Big Respect on the Snow Roads ride. Most I ever managed was 4000m ascent, on the Fred Whitton ride. That hurt.

  • Done that 4 times Neil, never got any easier

  • Gave about £950 for my bike when I got it. There's a blog here 2&t=43013

    Was MOTd but good job I didn't go to Cumbria to ride it back as brake lines were leaking fluid.

    Not done much past year on the bicycle. Went to Ireland and rode this Childback tandem back. 198miles in two days. I reckon you can add 35% for effort compared to s lightweight road bike. Was a tiring few days

  • Mark, what done the Fred Whitton? Fancy that at some point!

  • Give it a whizz - it's tough, but a really good day out. I'm not doing it this year - managed to get entries for the past three years, but this year just couldn't make it on the date. Will be riding this - rtive-2015.html - which is nowhere near as hard, but is a really good route.

  • Ah that's not far from me. Always wanted to do the Elenith, 300k over Wales

  • Good Bikers cafe at Bridgnorth, was there last week!

  • Yes did the Fred 4yrs on trot, however only just getting back into cycling after 5yrs off : (

  • oh hell yeah...

  • red ones are faster. end of.