Got this coming in the mail I can t wait


Got this coming in the mail I can't wait

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  • Nice, what bike do you have now?

  • Right now lol I have a 05 ninja 250 04 ninja 250 03 R1 97 f3 and about to get a 92 katana

  • That's a lot of bikes lmao, my first bike was a 2014 ninja 300 that got totaled and then my current bike I have now is a 2009 fz1

  • Most of them are to make money. Way more into kawi but hey money is money regardless of brand

  • I understand that, I'm about to graduate from college and I only work part time, so I got a fz1 because I can afford the insurance on it lol, but when I get 25 I'm going to get a zx10r or a r1, I'm leaning towards the zx10r but I still have plenty of time to get one

  • Ya I feel ya. That's kinda why I love the 250 i daily good gas mileage and with full coverage on it and my car it's like 80 bucks a month.

  • Plus I'm working on my leans and other technical things so if I drop it i won't be mad and cheap to fix

  • The insurance on my fz1 is like $60 a month so I can't complain, it's $780 a year and on a street bike it's like $3000 a year, so I'm waiting till it drops when I get 25, but in the mean time I'm customizing my fz1 for looks because it's already fast enough for me haha

  • Good gear is good to have! Personally I am on a tight budget so I have to find the best stuff cheap. I have found 2 Speed and strength jackets on Ebay rally cheap, they are nice and come equipped with CE armor, spent only $35 each. I use Cortech gloves, very affordable and great quality and comfort as well as protection. Pants I had a much harder time with but I found some nice riding jean and cargos on Ebay for about $40 a pair and some really nice technical riding pants on Craigslist, got two pair for $100.

  • I also use Speed and Strength Moment of truth riding boots, have two pair and the last pair I got on closeout at my local dealer for only $20 brand new. Here is a link to my youtube where you can see my fat head reviewing the gear I use. You will find it mildly educational :)