Got the rear wheel off today Wheel bearings aren t perfect but I don t think...

Got the rear wheel off today. Wheel bearings aren't perfect, but I don't think they are the main problem. Same goes for the sprocket carrier bearing. And the wheel was tightened beyond perfect so that's not the problem either.

From the left there's a there's a spacer, sprocket carrier, and then another inner spacer between the carrier and the wheel. When I put the axle (spindle) through the spacer when it's in place you can creaky l clearly see that I can move the axle in the spacer. I guess this isn't ok?

  • Na replace both wheel bearings and carrier bearing mate

  • Should be no movement the spindle should be a snug fit. Must have had cheap bearings fitted last time they were changed.

  • New bearings are a must I think.

  • Thought so. If you look closely you can see that there's some movement between the spindle and the spacer as well. On my old suzuki it was s bit like this, and it was tight when it was greased. But should it really be that much movement?

    And when I fit the carrier on the wheel with the spacer in place there's definitely a bit too much movement if I wiggle it. Think this is due to the cush rubber. It doesn't seem to be especially worn though, so I think I'll re-pack it with some pieces of inner tube.

  • Is it the clutch slave cylinder that's attached to the front sprocket cover? If so, what do I need to do if I want to remove the sprocket? I'm used to old school suzuki's and they don't have a clutch slave cylinder

  • Shouldn't remove front sprocket...NO need to!

  • Either cheap/incorrectly sized bearings or worn spindle

  • Loosen pinch bolt on gear lever then loosen the clutch slave bolts and remove.Then you can remove sprocket cover bolts.

  • First question. I can wiggle the sprocket carrier quite a bit when it's fitted to the wheel with the spacer and cush in place. Seems like the cush drive is more worn on some parts, and that makes this possible. I'm pretty sure that I can fix this with pieces of innertube rubber. But I don't know if this is a good idea or if I need new cush rubber.

    If I fit the sprocket carrier with the spacer in place but without the cush, there's still lots of movements. I'm guessing that it shouldn't be a tight fit as the cush would be pretty useless then, but in my opinion the gap between the carrier and the wheel is a bit too big. Is there some way I can measure this so I get it right?

    All bearings seems to be fine, but I probably replace them anyway.

    I've checked the chain and rear sprocket as well. Sprocket seems to be perfectly good but I probably need to replace the chain. And there's no point in replacing the chain if I haven't checked the front sprocket, as a worn out our damaged sprocket will kill the chain pretty fast. That means removing the slave cylinder. Would really appreciate if someone who had done this before could tell me how this should be done, or at least how not to do it

  • Ok. So I don't need to disassemble anything, just remove the bolts and that's it? And when I put the clutch slave back together again?

  • Yes, buy a new DID X ring Gold chain with Renthal sprockets.

    Cush drive should be a tight fit. I WD40 when I refit and stand on it to refit to hub. Spindle/axle should be a snug fit in bearings.

  • That's what I did.

  • Great. Thanks

  • rotational free play is caused by the cush drive, being able to spin the sprocket that 1/16th of a turn before the wheel.

    Any other play would point towards the bearings. unless the spindle appears worn I shouldn't worry about it