Got a question about my kx500 I can t get it to hit the power band it runs...


Got a question about my kx500. I can't get it to hit the power band it runs strong but won't clean out and get on it I've done everything except the stator, coil and cdi I'm thinking about getting the after market setup that replaces those parts and increases wattage so I can add lights has anyone done this upgrade and is one better than another.


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  • Sounds like it could be a jetting issue. What is your elevation

  • I've rejetted several different ways and rebuilt the carb, 2 sets or reeds used a Reed spacer took spacer out replaced boot between reeds and carb do e a leak down test did a compression test rebuilt the power valves disassembled and checked my power valve work none of this changed a thing it starts easy and feels strong when you twist the throttle just won't clean out and hit the power band I'm going to switch carbs and give that a try but I want to put lights on it anyway so the stator,cdi upgrade is on the agenda but I wished it was running good before I do that.

  • What mix and oil u running?

  • On the electrical... Take a look at this article t=163

  • On the after market systems, yes, I have 3 of the Power Dynamo systems. They work marvelous :-) Ask Alex Ward how to get one. You won't be sorry.

  • Crank seal? Same thing happened on my 250. Ended up being a clutch side crank seal.

  • Bel-ray s7

  • I did a leak down test and it was good but I was thinking I would replace it anyway

  • Thanks Mike this is good info

  • Ratio? Is it too rich. You may have an air leak too

  • Check ur choke/idle adjust

  • I actually replaced the choke components and idle screw when I rebuilt the carb

  • Look up Ricky stator they have a lighting coil you can put on the stator to add lights

  • That's an option if I figure out what's going on with it first

  • Check and see if your pipe and or silencer is plugged up.

  • The add on lighting coil puts out as much light as a lighter and if not installed and clearances right will destroy your flywheel and stator. So ya know

  • Good to know

  • THE BEAST LIVES! i swapped the carbs with my other bike and it turns out its the carb not sure what but i'm going to replace it. thanks for the input everyone