Got a problem with my 2015 T4 just pulled it out to drive and at quarter...

Got a problem with my 2015 T4 just pulled it out to drive and at quarter throttle it bogs down? Any Help would be appreciated! Thanks

  • So I just need hose to hook on to other side of check valve run it high with a filter attached to top pretty much?

  • How much for a fuel filter Mark Manning

  • Yes dealer and as mentioned, I tried cleaning as well as others I know with little to no success. I have replaced several for buddies and they usually don't look as bad as mine did but has always fixed the problem. The filter just clogs easy. I had it happen twice on mine before mod. After mod over 1000 miles no more problems. As a matter of fact, the dealer I use, now performs the mod because it is such an issue.

  • $13

  • Ok Thanks again I just need 1/4" like hook up on other side of check valve run to the top with a breather filter?

  • Some that don't ride mud and water just add a clear fuel filter as it sits with good results. Some run it to air box. Others to center console area with a breather filter. I ran mine up the seat back but I can smell fuel sometimes. Here is link. wthread.php?t=18269

    Mod to save Teryx4 Fuel Pump/Fuel Tank/Check Valve from debris

  • Thanks Mark I'm headed back with the goods now! Going tie this in with a breather filter at the top!

  • Yep!

  • I believe I found the problem! Ha

  • I put the old one back in after cleaning it just to get it back in the basement until I get a new one! Drove it and it runs like a scalded Dog!!