Got a 12 750fi t2. What oil and fluids. antifreeze differential oil ect

Got a 12 750fi t2... What oil and fluids(antifreeze, differential oil,ect) are you guys using or recommend... Didn't have an owners manual, maybe some info on hours/miles per oil change, and differentials...any help would be great...

  • -Engine 10w40 jaso rated oil conventional or synthetic

    -Diffs 10w40

    -Green antifreeze

  • Check and make sure , u might need wet brake /gear oil for rear diff ?

  • You can download the owner's manual at It's really detailed about routine service.

    And somebody at will probably be kind enough to share a service manual.

  • Yes I stand corrected. I was thinking the newer machines were the only ones that had wet brakes but....

    Front diff 10w40

    Rear diff wet brake oil

  • Yes Mark Manning that is correct, it does have rear wet brake.. Thanks for looking out...The jaso rated motor oil, is that something I'll recognize, or what brand I should be looking for maybe... I just know Kawasaki don't make there own oil, so the stuff from dealer is just a relabeled other brand.. But have never been the guy to buy super tech oil from Walmart.. Somewhere in the middle would be good... Or if I go pricey, I use royal purple.. Your thoughts or recommendations...

  • It will say jaso buy the ciertification. You can find it in the motorcycle oil section.

  • I use all kawasaki fluids in my 09. I change oil after every other ride, my dif fluids I change after every real ride

  • That color is sick!

  • My 12 T4 uses GL5 in the front diff.