Gooooood moaning people

Gooooood moaning people ...

Dry at the moment, wet by mid morning here in London ..

But it looks like Colin will be getting wet for most of the day ..

for the I.O.W, the safest place is on the ferry coz the amount of rain forecast the island might sink

  • The old man was from North Shields.

  • Nae luck.

  • I'm from Teesside. A large town called Billingham (just North of Middlesbrough).

  • Got my eleven from Swansea, don't see many others around carlisle.

  • Not seen another one here either, bought mine from a Kawasaki mechanic in Carmarthen.

  • Cheers Al, keeps me smiling through the morning this little lot

  • Muffy and Nikki are on the sunshine isle too :) the errr......rain :D

  • Pissin Down

  • We are getting a few showers inbetween the rain now :-(

  • Just having lunch and it's been chucking it down for over an hour now ..good thing about it though .. All the cyclists have f##ked off .. London's roads are safe for now