• Goodbye stock exhaust hello my new Brock s exhaust system

    Goodbye stock exhaust, hello my new Brock's exhaust system.

    • Make sure you use the red cap plug!

    • Juice box in my opinion is waste of money. If your not gonna dyno. Just do cat delete slipons and ecu flash. If you realy want the most then pc5 and dyno. For price of juice box you can get pc5 and try different maps

    • Hehehe. Juice box pro please read about it. Is same think but u can ajust till riding, and sweech maps between 10 of them. I had one of them is absolutly superb. I used only 3maps but on truck maybe useful.

    • I was lawing from warning on top of the juice box pro; "race use only!!!" But just this is perform your devil into raw power beast.

    • I suggest some of you go on zx1441r.com and read up on having your ECU flashed. Just some food for thought..... It's your bike.

    • Looks great!!

    • Nice!! You will love it

    • Brocks is the ONLY way to go

    • Project finished. What a project to install Bazzaz. Brock's exhaust was easy. Sounds deep and mean. Tested today and wheelie at 75mph in second gear. HAPPY!

    • Wheelie at any speed in second my friend. Thats where I start mine is at 60-70 MPH